How Pack & Send found success collecting reviews

lunes, 26 de marzo de 2018

PACK & SEND is Australia's leading and most recognized parcel courier and freight delivery reseller. They consolidate the services of the world's top parcel and freight carriers into a single access point, allowing customers to save time, trouble, and money on all their logistics needs.

PACK & SEND has been a Trustpilot client since the end of 2015, having originally identified Trustpilot as the right review platform that could help PACK & SEND qualify for Google Seller Ratings (GSR). PACK & SEND knew that this benefit, powered by their customer reviews, could increase traffic, CTR, and also improve cost efficiency.

However, PACK & SEND also knew that customer reviews also differentiate a brand from their competitors. The reviews could be used in various marketing initiatives as a form of social proof, which is known to improve performance across campaigns. Customer reviews would also allow them to learn from their customers by identifying specific areas for improvement.

PACK & SEND utilized their customer reviews to improve their overall customer service, identify and leverage customer advocates to use in retargeting campaigns, and to rescue unhappy customers by being reactive and quickly addressing any issues the customer might have faced. Reviews allowed them to place the voice of the customer at the forefront of their strategy, and it has paid off very well for them.

PACK & SEND’s CEO Michael Paul, says more about how Trustpilot helped their business in the video case study below.


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