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Behavioral marketing and social proof: Finding the right customer touchpoints

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Social proof webinar

Stop us if you’ve heard the following tips and strategy advice

  1. Personalization is everything
  2. You have to map your marketing to the customer funnel
  3. Customize your CTA based on your visitors’ intent.

And we can go on...

Sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves and are so focused on the ‘what’ without giving you information about the 'how’. That’s all going to change today.

We partnered with BounceX, a behavioral marketing company (to say the least) for a great conversation about social proof, behavioral marketing, and finding the right points and times to leverage social proof to maximize its effectiveness.

Don’t worry, we don’t just talk about what you should be doing, we give you specific examples and offer real tips on getting it done. Ready to check out the presentation?

Watch the video below and afterwards, fill out this survey! We’d love to get your feedback to learn how we can make webinars better for you.

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