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Trust in the finance industry: What consumers expect

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Earlier this year, we released our Trust and Brand Management report, a major research report covering the finance industry's priorities for 2018 and going over consumer expectations and preferences.

UPDATE If you missed out on this webinar, don't worry! You can check out the recording of the webinar below!

The report looked at how trust and reputation matters in the finance industry and whether finance companies are aligned with what consumers want. By collecting over 15,000 responses, we were able to understand whether trust and reputation played a part in consumers’ choice of finance companies and services. We were also able to look at what marketing channels consumers found most engaging.

In our upcoming webinar on May 1st 11am EDT/4pm BST, we’re going over some of the major findings of our research report and will have Victoria Sullivan, Marketing Manager of Payability, offer the perspective of a finance company to provide additional insight into the report's findings.

We’ll conclude the presentation with a short playbook finance companies can follow to better align with consumer expectations.

To secure your spot, register below:


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