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Using trust to propel the buyer journey

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
propel the buyer journey with trust

When Dashlane, a password management service, landed a featured spot on Product Hunt, they knew exactly who to ask to “upvote” them. Being upvoted would be enormously beneficial to their business - good exposure, generate new leads, and improve their reputation.

How did they identify their brand advocates?

Their CEO emailed their “army,” customers who had left Dashlane 5 star reviews on Trustpilot, asking them to check out the feature. They received 400+ votes from their biggest supporters, driving them to the top of the featured product list.

Partnering with Trustpilot to solicit customer reviews has allowed Dashlane to support and include their happiest customers in their most important business moments - such as PR events, promotions, and social media campaigns.

How can your business find your brand advocates and put them to work?

Check out the webinar by Dashlane and Trustpilot, “Using Trust to Propel the Buyer Journey” to learn how Dashlane optimizes their marketing channels, utilizes customer feedback to drive sales, and understand why customers use their service.


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