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Driving business development with Actionable Insights on customer experiences. Focused on this mission, we collaborate with clients and partners across disciplines such as business consulting, customer experience management, text & sentiment analysis, AI & machine learning, and data visualisation.

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Why Trustpilot and CXI Partners?

CXI Partners offer insights solutions to companies truly wanting to listen, engage and learn from their customers to continually improve the customer experience; ultimately with the purpose of generating superior business results.

We provide professional services enabling you to get even more business value from your Trustpilot customer reviews.
We empower you to:

Identify CX improvement areas to increase your share of 5-star reviews

Forecast your brand performance / TrustScore development based on past performance, seasonality and your business objectives

Drive more sales by leveraging the written word of your customer reviews

Manage your CX performance across company entities such as store locations, websites, brands, products and more

Visualise Actionable Insights and CX performance tracking in interactive reports, customised to your company - and stakeholder specific needs

Integrate various customer feedback into the reporting, such as product/location reviews, CSAT- or NPS surveys, social media or support tickets.

With CXI Partners, Trustpilot-specific expertise is on your side. The CXI partner network was established in 2016 by Brian Linde following years of employment as Commercial Senior Director in Trustpilot, collaborating with clients and partners in the UK and US to maximise their business value of Trustpilot reviews.

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We combine machine detection with human analysis to deliver reliable actionable insights
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Companies typically improve customer ratings within 3 months of using CXInsights
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Our solutions are praised in public by UK retailer (ScS annual reports '17/'18)

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