How increased conversions by 27% by leveraging Trustpilot reviews

jueves, 9 de junio de 2022
How increased conversions by 27%  by leveraging Trustpilot reviews was founded by co-creator Ken Schwaber as a mission-based organization to help people and teams solve complex problems.

The business delivers training courses around the world, through independent, licensed trainers, and currently counts between 12 and 15 million users of Scrum around the world.

With over 11,000 reviews (99% of them classified as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’), it is safe to say that takes its customers’ satisfaction very seriously. In this case study, we spoke to Eric Naiburg, COO of, to better understand why the business chose Trustpilot in the first place, how their team uses us, and what results they’ve observed since implementing an online review strategy.

Why chose Trustpilot to collect verified reviews first started talking to Trustpilot a couple of years ago. The business was interested in leveraging reviews from a marketing perspective, and as a way to learn from their customers to help improve the student training experience. They wanted to better understand how they were doing as a brand, and how valuable their existing customers found their courses.

“We wanted a way to demonstrate the value of our Scrum training programs while also keeping close tabs on how those programs were actually performing,” says Eric Naiburg.

At the end of 2018, decided to give Trustpilot a go. The company went straight to a paid Trustpilot subscription, and started setting up automated review invitations immediately.

How the business uses reviews to help improve user experience

There are two ways currently use Trustpilot reviews:

  1. To learn from their existing customers, and improve user experiences.

  2. To build trust and credibility with potential customers, and help them choose the right product for their needs.

1. Learning from customer feedback

There are so many ways that trends in customer reviews can help companies improve their businesses. For, it all starts with reading every one of their Trustpilot reviews.

“This is the best way to learn from verified customer data, and create a feedback loop,” explains Eric.

“We like to use Trustpilot to make sure our courses are valuable to our students, provide feedback to our trainers who are delivering the courses and improve the course experience itself.”

Students can find reviews about specific teachers on each trainer’s profile page

Los estudiantes pueden encontrar opiniones sobre profesores específicos en la página del perfil de cada cual

A verified Trustpilot review giving feedback about one of the trainers

Reseña verificada de Trustpilot con comentarios sobre uno de los profesores

The team also responds to people who may have had a negative experience with the training directly on their Trustpilot profile, and sometimes reaches out to customers privately too, for example, to look into a case in more detail and learn how to improve the experience in the future.

2. Helping students navigate their options

Today, the business showcases its Trustpilot rating (known as TrustScore) and reviews on several of their web pages, such as: their homepage, their student reviews and feedback page, their courses’ pages, and their trainers’ profile pages too.

Trustpilot reviews are displayed on the ‘Student reviews and feedback’ page

Las opiniones de Trustpilot aparecen en la página "Reseñas y comentarios de los estudiantes"

On certain web pages, the team showcases targeted TrustBoxes. This is done by using review tags to create specific review content relevant for different pages and stages of the journey. For example, here, displays reviews that are specific to a specific course.

You’ll find reviews specific to each individual course on the courses’ web pages.

Encontrarás opiniones específicas sobre cada curso en las páginas web de los cursos.

Thanks to on-site trust and credibility, is able to help potential applicants navigate their options with per-program and per-trainer reviews.

But that’s not all. Using Trustpilot’s social integration tools, the team shares third-party validation on other marketing channels, like social media (using the Trustpilot image generator) and email marketing. highlights reviews on Twitter exhibe sus reseñas en Twitter

And on LinkedIn too

Y también en LinkedIn

An example of a email marketing campaign containing the company’s TrustScore

Ejemplo de una campaña de marketing por email de incluyendo el TrustScore de la empresa

It’s safe to say that is proud to share its customer reviews with the world. And it works. Within the first year of partnering with Trustpilot, the business saw an incredible 39% increase in website sessions, and a 27% increase in conversions too.

So, if you’d like to find out more about verified reviews and how you can achieve better marketing results using social proof, just like has, why not give Trustpilot a go?

You can sign up for a free Trustpilot account today before deciding to upgrade to a paid plan – it’s quick and easy, just click the link below.


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