How Mazuma Mobile hit the top spot with reviews

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2018

Credibility is the bricks and mortar of Mazuma Mobile’s business. It makes money by recycling mobile phones customers post to them - customers get paid as soon as the phones are received.

Founded in 2006, Mazuma Mobile is now the most well-known mobile phone recycling company in the United Kingdom. With a market share of around 35%, and recycling 150,000 mobile phones per month, it is considered a market leader in a fast-growing industry.

An honest and credible website is essential. It all drills down to one question: do potential customers trust the company enough to post a used phone worth hundreds of pounds?

mazuma mobile key benefits

Mazuma Mobile has been aware of the importance of trust since the very beginning. Its customers were happy with its level of service and it received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials.

By keeping their promises and exceeding customer expectations, Mazuma Mobile built a strong reputation and earned business through word of mouth. But the challenge remained to measure and display its online service excellence.

Charlo Carabott, Managing Director at Mazuma Mobile, explains: "At the time we were looking for a solution, most third-party reviews popping up on the internet weren't really giving a fair reflection of our business.

"The large majority was negative and we were not offered any options to proactively answer those claims. That was really frustrating."

Charlo chose Trustpilot in April 2010. He liked the idea of bridging the gap between the customer and the merchant on an independent platform. Unlike other online review sites he evaluated, merchants have the chance to respond to reviews publicly on Trustpilot.

The beauty of Trustpilot is that I can respond to any review. By answering customer reviews, we demonstrate that we care. When it comes to customer credibility, an answer to a complaint can be even more powerful than getting all 5-star ratings.
Charlo Carabott, Managing Director

Mazuma Mobile has been with Trustpilot for more than four years. In that period, it has collected more than 50,000 customer reviews. The majority are five-star, giving Mazuma Mobile a prominent TrustScore of 9.8 (May 2014).

Mazuma Mobile also achieved increased seller ratings on their Google Ads campaigns. Strong seller ratings has made its Google Ads stand out from the competitors’ ads and improved CTR.

Considering that we compete with some huge brands including Vodafone, 02 and Tesco, I believe that our ability to share customer stories with Trustpilot has contributed to achieving more customer credibility.
Charlo Carabott, Managing Director, Mazuma Mobile

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